How To Repaint Your Baseboards

When you repaint the baseboards in your home, you can make your wall paint look brighter and newer. For instance, a fresh coat of true white paint on your baseboards will create a nice contrast with your existing wall paint. This article will explain how you can paint your baseboards on your own as a cheap and easy home remodeling project.

Clean the Baseboard

The first step is the easiest, but many people forget to do it. Always thoroughly clean your baseboards with a wet rag. You should avoid using household cleaners right before you paint. The cleaner could leave a film on the baseboards that later makes it hard to paint. Baseboards are bound to be dusty and dirty, especially in rooms with carpet floors.

Fix any Small Holes

The next step is to fix and fill any small holes or dents in your baseboards. Use dense wood putty or auto body filler. Both are affordable and easy to work with. You can simply fill the holes by pressing a fingertip of filler over the area. Push down hard to make sure you fill the entire hole. After the putty dries you will need to lightly sand away the excess filler and make the surface smooth. Use a sponge sanding block and try to smooth out the filler so it feels as smooth as the wooden baseboard.

Prep and Paint the Baseboards

After the wood filler is all dried up, you can prepare the baseboards to be painted. Use painter's tape to mask off the wall above the baseboards. You can also use painters tape to mask off your floor if you have hardwood, tile or linoleum. However, if you have a carpet floor, you will want to use generic masking tape. Use thick tape (at least 2") and try to tuck the edge underneath the baseboards. Obviously, the tape will not stick very well to the carpet, but you can prevent dripping paint from getting on your carpet if you tuck it underneath the baseboards.

After the area is all prepped, you can simply paint the baseboards with a normal paint brush. Always paint with the grain of the wood to make the paint look more natural. After you paint your baseboards you can use these same simple steps to repaint other wooden trim pieces around your home, like crown molding. With newly-painted baseboards, your rooms will get a quick and easy face lift.