Laminate Floors: Not Just For Hardwood Anymore

Laminate flooring has become enormously popular because it provides a less expensive, easier to maintain floor that looks like hardwood. The flooring is also easier to install than traditional hardwood floors. If hardwood isn't the look you're going for in your home, rest assured that there are many other options when it comes to laminate flooring. These alternates to a hardwood look are just as easy to install and upkeep as the faux wood floors.

Beyond Regular Wood Floors

If traditional wooden planks aren't something you're interested in, you can still have a faux wood floor by choosing from any number of other wood looks. For example, if your house is decorated like a country farmhouse, you might enjoy the look of laminate floor made to look an old barn. If you go for a more antique style of decor, opt for laminate floor that has an antique look to it. You could go for a more natural, well-worn look to your floors with laminate floor made to look like distressed wood.

Stone Floors

If you really like the look of a stone floor, there's laminate to help you achieve that look. Installed similar to tiles or planks, once snapped together, the floor looks like genuine stones. You can go for a dark floor with laminate slate-looking floors or a lighter look with laminate limestone-looking floors. Black slate-looking laminate floors, as well as white slate-looking laminate floors are additional options that might coordinate with your home decor.

Tile Floors

A floor that looks like you tiled with individual pieces is possible with laminate flooring, but without all the gluing and grouting that traditional tile requires. Laminate flooring made to look like tile is installed the same way as laminate wood planks, but the end result looks like individual tiles. You could, for example, lay laminate flooring that looks like terra cotta tiles in your kitchen area or use flooring that looks like travertine or marble in your bathroom. There are many color options, as well, including white, black, natural stone color and even shiny pink.

Laminate Even in Tricky Areas of Your Home

Laminate flooring isn't limited to the floors in your home either. You can use laminate flooring to redo a set of stairs that you want to match the rest of your home. You can even purchase laminate flooring for an outdoor area as many weatherproof options are available. (For more information, contact Lockwoods Carpets)