You're Hot, Then You're Cold: Three Signs Your Thermostat Needs Repairing

Do you constantly find yourself turning up the heat in your home to stay warm, then turning it down a few minutes later because you've become too hot? If this is a frequent, daily pattern for you, then something may be wrong with your thermostat, and thus, it is in desperate need of repair.

In order to accurately diagnose your thermostat and determine whether it needs repairing or not, look for the following three signs:

The Temperature In Your Room Doesn't Match The Thermostat's Settings

If you've set the thermostat to 75 degrees and it feels like it's 50 degrees inside your home, then something is definitely wrong with your thermostat. Likewise, if you've set it to 60 degrees and it feels like it's in the 80s, then this is also indicative of a problem.

Generally, this is a sign of a bad anticipator, but unless you have HVAC training, you should not attempt to fix the thermostat yourself, as you could mess things up and cause major electrical problems.

Lack of Hot Or Cold Air

If you have a thermostat that controls both the heat and the air conditioning in your home from one location, and you find that neither hot nor cold air blows out of it when you adjust the various settings, then you might have a problem that should be addressed right away so that you don't freeze or roast to death.

The Indicator Light Doesn't Come On

Not all thermostats have indicator lights, especially if they are old models that were made before the electronic thermostats came on the scene. However, for the thermostats that do have indicator lights, these usually come on when you have powered up the thermostat or have chosen a setting, thus letting you know that they are working.

If the indicator light on your thermostat does not come on and you know that you normally see such a light, then you should definitely have an HVAC contractor come out right away to take a look at it.

There are many things that can go wrong with home thermostats, but the three symptoms mentioned above seem to be the biggest indicators of thermostat problems. If you find that you're constantly alternating between being hot and cold, then you may want to consider enlisting the help of a trained HVAC professional, as he or she is trained on what to look for and will be able to get your thermostat up and running properly again in no time at all.

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