Causes Of A Sagging Roofline

If your home's roof is sagging, this could indicate that it is unstable and could collapse. There are many different problems that could cause your roof to sag, and it's quite possible that your roof has more than one of these problems. Even if you don't plan to fix the problem yourself (but instead intend to hire a professional), you should still check to determine what the cause is so you can discuss this with any contractor you hire. That way you'll know the right thing is getting fixed. It's also a good idea to know what the possible causes of roof sag are so you can prevent them to begin with.

Inadequate or Damaged Fasteners

Your ceiling joists don't always have to be made of a single timber. They can sometimes be made of two separate timbers that have to be fastened together. When this is done correctly, these timbers will easily hold up your roof. However, if the fasteners used are inadequate to the task or improperly installed, the two timbers can come apart. As a result, the wall will push outward and pull the rafter away from the ridge of the roof. This will cause your roof to sag. One indication that this may be your problem is noticeable cracks on the ceiling in the area where the timber joists have come apart.

Structural Rotting in the Roof

A sagging roof can also be caused by rotting in your roof caused by water leaks, termites or woodworm. In these situations, the structural integrity of the timbers in your roof has been compromised to such a degree that your roofline sags. While you can call in a professional to get rid of the insect infestation or patch the leaks, the damage that has already been done will have to be repaired by replacing the damaged timbers.

Excessive Weight on the Roof

Replacing the material covering your roof with something much heavier can easily result in a sagging roof. For instance, replacing asphalt roof shingles with heavy roof tiles made of clay can significantly add to the pressure placed on your roof, causing your roof structure to bend under this additional weight. This is why it's essential to reinforce your roof timbers if you decide to increase the weight of the material sitting on them.

If your roof has any of the problems listed above, or if you still cannot determine the problem, contact a roofing company like Pasco Roofing for help.