Use Your Roof Choice To Add Character To Your Rustic Home

Rustic, cabin and cottage-like homes are lovely for creating a warm and inviting family atmosphere. Generally made from natural materials, rustic homes make you feel closer to the earth and enhance your appreciation of nature. To give your rustic home the ultimate character, it's important to focus on the roof. Simply roofing your cabin-style home with conventional asphalt shingles won't add anything to its look, but by following these tips, you can have a roof that adds to your home's appeal.

Wooden roofs offer unbeatable character.

It's hard to beat wooden roofs when trying to preserve the character of a cabin-style home. Wooden shakes, which are essentially shingles made from wood, give a home a decidedly country look. Typically made from cedar, they are rot-resistant, but do need to be repaired and replaced regularly as the wood dries out. Wooden plank roofs are ideal for true cabin-style homes. They can be more difficult to repair than wooden shake roofs, since an entire plank needs to be replaced when part of it begins rotting or cracking.

Metal roofs offer durability and safety.

When painted a neutral color like dark brown or stone gray, metal roofs can look charmingly rustic. They're also extremely durable. Have a metal roof put on your home, and you won't ever have to replace it again within your lifetime. If you live in a dry area where fires are a common worry, a metal roof is probably a safer choice than wood, since it's fire-resistant. You don't have to worry about rusting either, since today's metal roofs are treated with special coatings to prevent rust.

Thatched roofs are great for country cottages.

If your rustic home more closely resembles a cottage than a cabin, you might want to consider having it fitted with a thatched roof. Made from straw or reeds, supported with a strong wooden base, thatched roofs have a truly natural appeal. The reeds used to make thatched roofs are waterproof, and the thickness at which they are applied keeps water from seeping too deep into the roof structure. Thatching is a true art form, and it is not always easy to find companies that offer roof thatching. If you can find one in your area, having a thatched roof placed on your home is sure to make you the talk of the town.

Your cottage or cabin-style home is more than just a place to stay warm at night. It's an artistic creation that envelopes nature's beauty. Don't just cap it with an ordinary asphalt roof. Choose one of the roofing types above to add to your home's overall exterior appeal. For more great ideas, contact a local roof installation and repair company.