How To Paint A Pool Deck

A pool is often a home's centerpiece, where family and friends can gather to enjoy beautiful summer days and outdoor cookouts. Painting a pool deck can provide increased value for your home. This type of improvement will also make your pool area more pleasant for everyone who spends time there. Best of all, a painting project of this nature can be accomplish by you at very little cost.

Preparing to Paint

Begin your preparations for painting by removing any items, like planters or deck furniture, from the pool area. Also, sweep any debris from the area. You should have a completely open surface. It will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Use a wash, either trisodium phosphate or acid based, to remove grease, built-up grime and dirt from the deck's surface. This will help to get your deck ready for painting. Putting this in a high power washer can ensure that the grooves in your deck are completely flushed out so that no dirt remains. Always closely adhere to the cleaning product's label. Usually about half a cup in a gallon of hot water will be sufficiently strong to fully remove anything from your deck's surface, including old paint layers.

Painting Your Deck

Allow the area to completely dry before you begin painting. Begin by selecting a paint that will hold up to both the elements as well as the repeated splashes of chlorinated water. You want something waterproof that has a high gloss. Choose a color that will work well with the overall decor and design of your custom pool. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when mixing the paint, but always ensure that your mixed paint has thirty minutes to fully set. Also, on particularly warm days, it's a good idea to apply your paint using a roller so you can get it done quickly. Lambskin rollers work best.

Finishing You Deck

It will take the paint about three hours to dry. After you lightly sand down your first coat of paint, add another coat between twelve and seventy-two hours later. This will help ensure that both coats of paint fully adhere to one another. Make sure that no one walks on your deck's surface for at least five days. Because the painter using has a high gloss, you will not be due at a sealer. If you chose to use a different type of paint, you may need to also use a sealer that will protect the paint from the weather and other conditions.