How Small Water Spots Can Be a Big Roofing Problem

If you have a few water spots on the ceiling after a heavy snowfall, the roof needs to be looked at. The roof may not be in dire condition, but there may need to be some changes to keep your house dry.

A residential roofing contractor can come to the home to examine the problem, and to determine if the water is from condensation or an actual leak. There are a few possibly causes, and solutions to make sure this isn't a problem again.

Ice Damns and Condensation

If the problem is caused by condensation inside the roof, hot air might be trapped inside the attic. When the warm air reaches the cold roof, it causes moisture and then the droplets fall into the flooring and through your ceiling. The heat can also cause the snow to melt on the exterior of the roof, and then it freezes and causes ice dams.

The ice dams can do a lot of damage to the shingles around the roof, can the ice can expand and damage the base of the roof. This needs immediate attention.

Fixing the Flaws

Your attic ventilation system isn't working properly if you have heat trapped in the attic. You may need more vents that lead to the outside, and the installation of an attic fan can be a big help. When air can pass through the space easily, the temperature in the attic is similar to the temperature outside the home, and then heat doesn't get trapped in the winter. An attic fan helps you pull out heat in the summer, and can help with lowering cooling bills.

Add Insulation

Insulation throughout the attic can help prevent the condensation from occurring, and prevent damage throughout the roof line and floor. Ask the roofing contractor if they can blow polyurethane spray foam insulation inside the floor of the attic, or throughout the ceiling. This will stop moisture from developing, and help with temperature control.

You don't want to ignore water on your ceilings, because the water could be causing other problems like electrical damage and the development of mold. Talk with a residential roofing contractor right away to see which is the fastest way to fix the roofing problem you have, and to see if you need to replace any of your shingles. The faster you get the concerned fixed, the lower the risk for damage to your house.