Four Solutions To Help You Preserve History When Remodeling Older Buildings

Whether you are restoring a historic home or a business, you want to be able to preserve history and some of the original details. When a building has been left to decay for decades, you may find that things like brickwork, interior finishing and wood trim need a lot of work to restore them to their original glory. There are services like tuckpointing for masonry or enamel refinishing for an antique tub or sink that can help you keep the historic look. Here are four solutions to help you preserve history in historic buildings:

1. Restore Much More Than Brick With Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is a great way to restore historic brickwork on the exterior of a building. It can make brickwork look like it did when the building was first built. It can also be done to other masonry features, such as stone foundations. Some older buildings have foundations that are built of stone, and tuckpointing will repair the foundation and make the building look like new again. Contact a masonry like for more information about tuckpointing your historic building.

2. Bring Antique Baths, Sinks And Plumbing Fixtures Back To Life With Refinishing

Many older homes have antique plumbing fixtures like tubs and sinks, which overtime become worn and damaged. Sometimes the enamel finish on these materials is chipped; there are services that can provide you with refinishing for any of the enamel finishes on sinks, tubs and other plumbing fixtures. If you have antique faucets with brass or metal finishes, these can also be refinished to make them look like new again and preserve the historic look.

3. Restore Interior Wood Trim Details With Custom Woodwork

Some older buildings also have interior woodwork that is hard to match. You can have a professional cabinetmaker do the restoration of the trim in your historic renovations. They can repair wood and make missing pieces that need to be replaced. If you have wood materials that are difficult to find, they will also be able to provide you with materials that best match the original materials.

4.  Repair And Restore Custom Exterior Cornice And Trim

You can also have custom carpentry services restore cornice and trim on the exterior of your home. There are services that specialize in historic wood restorations, and will be able to copy any of the original wood details on the exterior of your home. If the woodwork on the exterior is too deteriorated, you may want to ask these services about replacing all the wood. Sometimes you can also find scarce wood materials from services that sell reclaimed lumber from old buildings.