The 5 Most Common Roof Problems

Most roofs need to be replaced about every 20 years, but that doesn't mean that a roof is good for that long. Between new roof installations, there are a lot of repairs that occur to keep it good and functioning properly. Since most people don't get on their roofs very often, there are some problems that are more common than others. Here are the five most common problems that require roof repairs.

1. Roof Leaks. A leak in the roof can cause very costly damage underneath. Flooding can be caused a number of ways, but even a little damage can lead to a leak. Flashing details not fastened correctly, missing shingles, and debris puncturing a susceptible area all are common causes for a leak.

2. Gutter damage. When working properly, gutters are one of the most important, but overlooked, parts of a roof. They require cleaning to keep them clear of leaves, garbage, and other debris so that they can function properly. When they overflow, not only do they spill onto walkways, causing potential hazards, but they can also cause mold and mildew under the roof. This can cause a lot of damage over time, leaving weak spots and possibly causing health hazards to the home's residents.

3. Shingle damage. Shingles are an important part of a roof because they protect the underlying wood from damage. As the protector, they receive a fair amount of damage from different weather elements. Wind can blow shingles off, too much water can leave them discolored or weak, and old shingles can start to curl. All of these leave the roof at risk of rotting, becoming punctured, or getting insect damage.

4. Ponding Water. There are many design elements of a roof that prevent water from puddling. However, ponding water is a common problem roofers see. Making sure a roof is tapered enough can prevent a lot of problems, but when roofs start to age, sometimes they don't perform as they should and the water begins to accumulate. Standing water in one spot for too long can lead to serious problems and even void a warranty.

5. Damaged Soffit. A soffit is the underside of a roof and it naturally attracts a lot of small animals and insects. When homeowners neglect routine inspections of this area of the roof, these small creatures can cause a lot of damage. The most common forms of damage are cracks, holes, and rotting spots that indicate living things in the area.

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