How to Create a Decorative Flower Bed Next to Your New Porch

After having a new porch added on to your home, enhance the way that it looks by creating a decorative flower bed. Plant your favorite flowers and surround them with colorful stones. The flowerbed will be easy to maintain and can be enjoyed each time that you are relaxing outside.

Use The Following Items

  • measuring tape
  • colorful stones
  • fertilizer
  • garden shovel
  • LED stake lights
  • flowers (annuals or perennials)
  • water hose
  • garden gloves
  • wheelbarrow
  • garden stakes
  • rake

Measure, Mark, & Clear the Land

Determine how long and wide you would like the flowerbed to be. Mark this section by placing a garden stake in each corner. Use a measuring tape to assist with placing the stakes evenly. Remove weeds, rocks, sticks, and other debris from the section that you will be using.

Place all of these items in a wheelbarrow so that you can easily unload them in another part of your yard. Turn the soil with a garden shovel in order to remove any grassy areas and to loosen clumps of dirt. Rake the cleared land so that it is level.

Plant the Flowers

Plant annuals or perennials in the flower bed. Space them out evenly. Dig down several inches so that the holes are deep enough to hold the root system of each plant. Cover the roots with soil and add a small amount of fertilizer on top.

Read the package of fertilizer to determine exactly how much you will need for the types of flowers that you are planting. Smooth the soil down with the back of a shovel. Water each flower well with a garden hose.

Add Colorful Stones & Lights

Add colorful landscaping stones around each item that you have planted. The stones will complement the way the flowers look and will prevent weeds from growing in the flowerbed. Insert LED stake lights inside the flowerbed. Purchase lights that are battery operated, preventing you from having to worry about needing an electrical source close to the flowerbed. The sharp end of each stake can be inserted in various parts of the flowerbed. At night, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

Turn on the LED lights when you are spending time outside. The lights will draw attention to your property. People who are passing by will admire the flowerbed that you have created. Keep your flowerbed looking great by water the flowers a few times a week. This is the only maintenance step that you will need to perform. For more information or tips, call local experts such as Cottonwood Landscapes LLC.