Four Things You Will Want To Know About Foundation Repairs And Waterproofing

Whether you have a split-level home, finished basement or other finished living space below-grade, waterproofing and foundation repairs are important. It is not just the waterproofing that protects your home, but a combination of systems that include exterior drainage, foundation drains and sump pumps. These things help work with the waterproofing of your home to protect it from water damage and leaks. Here are four things you will want to know about foundation repairs and the waterproofing of your home:

1. Exterior Drainage That Causes Foundation Problems

The drainage around your home can have a great effect on the foundation. If you have areas where rain runoff goes directly to your home, this can add extra strain on your home. It can cause more static pressure, which can lead to cracked foundations, failed waterproofing and a leaky basement. It can also cause erosion problems beneath your foundation, which can lead to serious structural problems throughout your home.

2. Outdated Asphalt Foundation Waterproofing Systems

An asphalt foundation waterproofing system can degrade overtime. As time passes, the asphalt sealant can dry and begin to crack. This can eventually lead to leaks and problems with the foundation and structure of your home. If you have an old home, you may want to consider investing in layered membrane waterproofing systems, which can give your home more protection.

3. Exterior Foundation Drainage Systems To Divert Water Runoff

Exterior foundation drainage systems are another thing that can protect your home. These are located below your foundation and give water a place to go. If you are improving exterior waterproofing systems, you may want to have the drain systems replaced to give your home better drainage and more protection from static water pressure.

4. Interior Foundation Drain Systems And Sump Pumps

Having waterproofing systems in the interior your home is part of all the combined systems. Interior systems alone will not protect you from leaks in your foundation. These systems are meant to deal with water that does get into your home due to things like condensation. They include drain systems, as well as sump pumps. If you want to ensure your home is protect, investing in an adequate interior waterproofing system is a good investment.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about the foundation of your home. If you are able to find problems before they become too big, repairing them will be less costly. If it is time to have maintenance and repairs done to the foundation of your home, contact a residential foundation contractor (such as one from Spiers Construction) and ask them about doing some of these things for you.