4 Tips For Updating An Old Bathroom On A Budget

Moving into an older home can have many benefits- they are often priced well, and there can be a lot of charm in a home that is not new. But one major downside can be outdated bathrooms. It would be nice if every homeowner of an older home could just do a full bathroom remodel, but the costs associated with a remodel often prohibit a person who just bought a home from doing a complete overhaul. But not having the funds for a full remodel doesn't mean that you have to live with an ugly, outdated bathroom. Use the following tips to give your bathroom a face lift on a budget:

Paint the Walls

If your bathroom has a paint color that was popular decades ago, or old wallpaper, a few cans of paint can make a huge difference in how your bathroom looks. If the bathroom that you are updating is small in size, consider using neutral colors or bright colors since dark paint can make a small room look even smaller.

Stain or Paint the Cabinets

If the cabinets under your counter top have seen better days, or are just not visually appealing, considering making them over yourself with either paint or stain. Cabinets can be very expensive to purchase, but by taking on a DIY project you can totally transform the look of your cabinets and make your bathroom look more modern. 

Update the  Plumbing Fixtures

Old faucets on the sink and bathtub, along with a shower head that has been in the bathroom for decades can instantly date the room no matter how clean it is, or how nice your new paint job looks. Replacing the faucets and handles on your sink and bath tub is quite affordable and easy to do, but it can majorly change the look and feel of your bathroom. When you replace the old shower head, look into buying a large rain shower head; not only does it look great, but it can also enhance your showering experience. Visit http://gopherplumbing.com for more information.

Get New Flooring

Vinyl or linoleum is quite popular in older homes, but at this point in time many people do not like this flooring option. Replacing your vinyl or linoleum with tile can instantly make your bathroom look more modern, and since bathrooms typically are not huge in size, it does not cost too much to purchase supplies. If you do not feel comfortable laying tile yourself, it is worth hiring a professional-- there is a good chance that you can get a good deal on tile installation for a small space.