Protect Your Property With Style And Strength - Materials Options For Commercial Fencing

Whether you own a small store or you operate a huge industrial complex, controlling access to your property is an important step in keeping your business secure. Commercial fences offer an opportunity to guarantee that control while simultaneously adding to your business's aesthetic, provided you have a solid understanding of the materials available to you in fence construction.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of those materials and their characteristics. Keeping this knowledge in mind should provide you with the confidence you need to select the proper commercial fence to both keep your property fully protected as well as make it more attractive for potential customers.


In recent years, the desire to install a fence that's lightweight, attractive, and still incredibly sturdy has grown among many people. Rather than being shackled by a forced choice between metal and wood, vinyl fencing offers the opportunity to install an incredibly durable material that can be easily manipulated to meet your specific needs.

Because it's not susceptible to shrinking and swelling with changes in the weather, vinyl fencing can be installed with little to no gaps between the pickets. This makes it an excellent choice for property owners who put a high premium on privacy, and its smooth surface makes it difficult to climb and highly secure.

Wrought Iron

If your goal with your fence is to develop a more formal and ornamental appeal, wrought iron is an excellent selection. While it's incredibly strong, it can also be used to provide a stylish touch that will lend an air of sophistication to any piece of property where it's installed.

Modern wrought iron fencing is treated to shield it from the weather, guaranteeing that your fence will remain strong and resilient for many years to come. Professional fencing contractors can also specially design a gate of wrought iron that could feature your company's logo or initials, showcasing success as well as strength.


For property owners who are concerned about their impact on the environment, composite fencing offers an opportunity to enjoy the strength and look of wood fencing without any of the associated deforestation. Composite fencing also has the advantage of being more weather resistant than natural wood fibers, allowing you to go longer between periods of installing finish. In some jurisdictions, installing a composite fence may even qualify you for financial incentives based on the usage of green technology, offering yet another benefit to its installation.