Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades For Your Country Home

If you live in a country home, a part of its charm might be keeping a rustic feeling alive around you. If you would like to upgrade your kitchen cabinets but are worried that too much of a modern touch might take away from the charm of your home, there are some quick projects you can do to keep that rustic feel. Here are four kitchen cabinet upgrades that will keep your kitchen's country living feel. 

1. Take Cabinets Down to Wood

If your existing cabinets have been painted over the years, a more rustic look might just be a layer of paint down. Sand down existing cabinets to wood, or semi sand these for a worn-in feel that just exposes bits of wood through the paint. If your current cabinets aren't made of wood, it might be time to get back to basics and have a new install with wood that better matches your country kitchen.

2. Opt for Open Shelving

Not all space above your countertop needs to be shuttered by cabinet doors. Remove a set of cabinet doors to open up space and allow for some of your kitchen items to be on display. Nice bowls or rustic table settings can be seen by all on shelving and will give your country kitchen a more versatile and old-style feel.

3. Rustic Knobs and Pulls

A smaller touch that can make a big statement in your kitchen is choosing cabinet knobs and pulls carefully. If you are hoping for an older look, opt for antique metal materials such as brass, iron or copper. As long as the look is something that you like and isn't too modern, this should be a good fit in your country kitchen.

4. Pulling the Kitchen Together

While you may want to focus on the kitchen cabinets, it is important to make sure that they will go along with the rest if your kitchen's look. If everything is dark wood and stone, you may want to ensure that your cabinet color incorporates this look. Likewise, if your kitchen is primarily whitewashed, lighter wood or distressed paint in a lighter color might be a better fit. A cabinet specialist can make a housecall and help navigate the overall feel of your kitchen and recommend cabinets that will fit in.

Pulling off updates in an older home can be hard since remodels tend to boast modern looks. Strike a balance with your kitchen cabinets that provides a modern function with a more antique look. Work with a contractor (such as one from Superior Cabinet Supply) that specializes in country kitchens while at the same time adding in some of your own DIY touches to make your kitchen cabinets unique.