Do-It-Yourself Ideas For Attractive Home Recycling Systems

Trash and recycling containers can be messy and unattractive. In fact, the mess and hassle of recycling, or the presence of an ugly recycling bin can deter individuals from recycling items that could be reused and conserve the planet's natural resources. Recycling doesn't have to be an ugly endeavor; there are several ways that consumers can create a beautiful recycling container setup in the kitchen or garage of a home. This will allow for the recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard, metals and other materials, without a huge mess or ugly pile of items detracting from the beauty and functionality of a home. While a quick search online will yield countless DIY ideas for in-home recycling stations, the following easy ideas will create an attractive recycling center with only a small investment of time and money. 

Recycling in the Kitchen

Setting up a recycling station that is both attractive and functional can be difficult, especially in a smaller kitchen. It is not impossible, however. One idea involves utilizing the cabinet under the kitchen sink by placing a set of small recycling containers in this cabinet where cleaning supplies are commonly kept. Recyclables can be tossed in the containers and taken out to the larger recycling bin provided by the local trash or recycling company. An alternative to the under-sink cabinet is the bottom of the pantry. For kitchens with more room, there are many more options. Custom trash cans and recycling bins can be created that complement the existing countertops and cabinets in the room. The homeowner may choose to purchase a matching cabinet of a smaller size that can be placed in the kitchen and modified to hold bins for recycling and trash. Recycling bins that are disguised in pretty wood cabinets or stainless steel containers may also be purchased for kitchen use. Homes that generate little trash or recycling may wish to install a decorative recycling center on the wall that can be emptied when needed.

Recycling in the Garage

Homes with a garage, storage shed or other external location that can host recycle bins have a lot more flexibility. Attractive wire shelving can be set up and pretty plastic bins in different colors can be installed. Labels should be placed on each bin to show exactly what should be placed inside. The bins can be emptied and set out for the recycling company, or the contents can be dropped off at the municipal recycling facility whenever the bins are full. An alternative to plastic bins are bright, shiny stainless steel buckets in a larger size, with pretty labels pasted on the side. These buckets look wonderful on stainless steel shelving and provide easy access for residents to toss in things that can be recycled.