Three Maintenance Tips For Your Gutters

The aluminum gutters that surround the roof of your home play a pivotal role in keeping water out of your home. And, while you won't see your gutters regularly unless you make a point of looking up for them, it's important that they don't slip too far out of your mind. Proper gutter maintenance is integral to keeping this network of troughs working effectively so that water can run down the slope of your roof, accumulate in the gutters and be washed away into your yard. Here are three jobs that you should handle to ensure your gutters stay in proper working condition.

Keep Them Clean

Cleaning your gutters -- typically a couple times per year -- is a necessary task for homeowners to complete. Gutters accumulate various elements found in nature such as leaves, moss and even small twigs that can form blockages that lead to the water backing up. Cleaning gutters can be dangerous and arduous to tackle on your own, especially if you're uncomfortable with heights or don't have the proper tools and safety gear. In this case, it's advisable to hire a gutter service to perform the cleaning job. Proper cleaning will allow the water to flow freely through the gutters in the correct way.

Consider Gutter Shields

If you're not partial to the idea of cleaning your gutters regularly or arranging for someone to do the work for you, the installation of gutter shields can reduce the frequency with which your gutters need cleaning -- and in many cases, virtually eliminate the need for cleaning altogether. Gutter shields mount directly over the top of the gutters and have a screen-like device that allows water to pass through but blocks all foreign elements such as leaves. Gutter shields come in several different styles and you can do the work yourself or hire a gutter service to get the job done for you.

Keep Trees At Bay

It's important to keep a watchful eye out on the trees around your property as they grow. In time, trees that are planted close to your home can encroach on the gutters, which can be problematic. The branches can exert enough force to lift a gutter shield or even separate the gutter itself from the house, which will leave you with a water issue and a repair bill. Ensuring that all your tree branches are trimmed well back of your home prevents the risk of this issue.