Important Facts About Garage Door Springs Homeowners Need To Know

When your garage door is opening and closing like it should, you can thank the garage door springs for that. When your garage door will not open or close, it could be a problem with the springs. Before you attempt to repair or replace your garage door springs, learning a few important facts about them first is advised.

Garage Door Springs Can Be Dangerous

Before you start taking parts off of your garage door, knowing about the dangers surrounding the springs is extremely important. The tension on garage door springs is high so your door will open and close properly. The tension is high because most garage doors are heavy and require a lot of power to move them. If you think your garage door is not opening because of the springs, contact a trained professional to repair it is the best way to go to avoid serious injury.

Looking At The Difference Between Torsion And Extension Springs

When you contact a professional about your garage door problem, you can tell that person you have torsion springs if the spring runs across the top of the door. You can easily see a torsion spring when the garage door is closed. If your garage door operates using extension springs, you will see a spring running above each track on the ceiling. You should see a safety cable running through each extension spring. Safety cables will prevent the spring from causing injury to people in the garage in the event one breaks. If you do not see any kind of cables running through extension springs, making sure you have them installed as soon possible is a good idea.

Smooth Running Garage Doors Are Properly Balanced

When your garage door is operating properly, you more than likely never hear any noises from it. However, if you start having trouble with your garage door being hard to open, it could be because the springs are off kilter and imbalanced. Do not let your garage door remain in operation if the springs are imbalanced, because it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on other parts of the door.

When your garage door is in good working condition, you can count on it to help keep your property safe, to help protect your vehicle and more. Anytime your have trouble with your garage door, having it repaired as soon as you can will help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Getting the most benefit out of your investment in a garage door is easier when you properly maintain it.

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