What Lighting Options Are Best For Your Breakfast Dining Area?

Making the breakfast dining area a comfortable and appealing atmosphere can be all it takes to get your day off to a good start. You want lighting that is functional but can be varied during different times of the day or night. You will want to create a layer of light for different occasions, and a dimmer can aid in the process. Here are some suggestions for lighting up your area.


For a traditional dining area, a contemporary or classic chandelier can complement a regular meal or present a grand gathering for special occasions, such as a romantic evening. A dimmer clearly enhances the atmosphere. If you have a large dining space, add dual units for a more refined dining experience. For a breakfast nook, you might want to use a simpler chandelier than you would for the main dining space of the home.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are easily installed and are displayed with one chain to provide excellent direct lighting for your dining area. With colorful shades available in various sizes, a pendant light will coordinate nicely with your dining area scheme.

Track or Recessed Lighting

Track or recessed lighting adds a flair to dining room décor, whether you are lighting up the centerpiece or attracting a sideboard full of china. The room will also appear larger with the use of recessed lighting options.  Track lighting provides lighting that can be arranged to fit the area and is easily installed. The tracks are available in various colors and styles so they can accent your dining space.

Cove Lighting: Moving away from the table, an additional layer of lighting along the ledge of the wall can add a dramatic touch to the room. Rope lighting is one of the most common types available because all you need is a dimmer switch and an electrical receptacle.

Sconce or Wall Lights: Scones will enhance the room throughout the area. Many styles are available to accent your dining pleasure from rustic, contemporary, traditional or in a transitional sense.

Flush Mount Lighting

For dining nooks with limited space, a flush-mount light will provide the dining area with a compact focal point of the dining table. The fixture can be as fancy or as plain as you wish.

With each one of these lighting options, your dining pleasure will be enhanced. Call in residential electrical services pros to help with the installation process.