Why Wooden Entry Doors Are Unbeatable

If you look closely, you will notice that many builders are using synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass for entry doors. While both of these products have certain advantages, they just don't have the style and feel of a real wooden door. Some people are attracted to vinyl and fiberglass doors because they are lower maintenance, But this article will explain why wood is still a great product and how the maintenance is relatively simple.

One great thing about wooden entry doors is that they have it little bit more weight than vinyl for fiberglass. Not only does this feel better, but it can also make your door more secure. If you are worried about security, you should definitely choose a solid wood door. These are definitely heavier and need to be installed with reinforced hinges, but they are also very strong and provide great soundproofing for your property.

Wood Style Is Unbeatable

Most people are initially attracted to wooden doors because of the style. There is a certain texture and seal on wooden doors that is unbeatable. Furthermore, you can choose wooden doors with more ornate designs. Generally, the vinyl and fiberglass styles are more generic. But, that is not to say that wooden doors are only suitable for luxury construction. You should have no problem finding a comparable wood door that fits with your budget and style. Another great thing about wooden doors is that there are more options when it comes to hinges, hardware, and handles.

Wood Is Easily Updated

Another great thing about wooden doors is that you can change them over the years. For instance, if you want to update the stain finish, you can do this work relatively easily. Basically, you just have to sand off the existing stain and apply a new one. This is something that is not possible with vinyl or fiberglass doors. Neither of these synthetic products is easy to paint. If you are the type of homeowner that is constantly updating your style and color schemes, wood is definitely the way to go. Furthermore, you always have the option of staining the inside and outside of your door different colors.

Basically, there is no product that is as stylish, reliable, durable, and practical as wood when it comes to entry doors. If you like the look of wooden doors, you don't have to make sacrifices with a synthetic product.