4 Steps To Implement When You Refinish A Concrete Floor

If you need to refinish your concrete floor in your warehouse, here are four things that you need to make sure that you do:

#1 Fix Cracks

The first thing that you need to do is fix any cracks that have developed in your concrete floor. You don't want to restore your floor until you fix the cracks in them. You are going to want to use some concrete caulking to fill in any cracks. You don't want to attempt to refinish the floor when there are cracks in it; this will compromise the integrity of your concrete floor. If you have really large cracks, you may want to hire a professional concrete contractor to fill in the cracks.

#2 Seal The Surface

Second, you need to seal the surface of your concrete floor. To seal the surface, you are going to need to first clean the floor and ensure that there are not any contaminants on the floor. You'll want to sweep the floor and mop it before you get ready to put the sealant on the floor. Once the floor is clean, you are going to want to put down a layer of penetrating concrete sealer. This will soak into the concrete and ensure that that water doesn't get into the floor and cause cracks.

#3 Polish The Concrete

Third, you are going to want to polish the concrete. Polishing the concrete after you seal the surface will help make your concrete shine. It will also help make the finish smoother and will help ensure that the new sealant that you put down will for as long as possible. To effectively polish your floors, you are going to want to rent a professional floor buffing tool, which will allow you to quickly and effectively polish your entire warehouse.

Polishing the concrete floor in your warehouse will also help the floor reflect the light in your warehouse better. This will make your warehouse a bright and more welcoming place to work.

#4 Take Care Of The Floors

Fourth, you need to make sure that you take care of your floors as well. Make sure that you sweep and mop your floors on a regular basis, and buff the floor at least a couple of times with your professional buffing tool. The best thing about concrete floor restoration is that it can last for multiple years if you take proper care of your warehouse floor. 

Contact a concrete restoration service for more information and assistance.