2 Reasons To Choose Tapered Insulation For Your Flat Roof

Modern homes can be constructed to meet a variety of architectural demands. For homeowners who enjoy single-level living, ramblers are often sought after. While these ramblers can provide a simple floor plan, they also feature flat roofs that can experience drainage difficulties.

If you are looking for a way to increase the efficiency and drainage of your home's flat roof, then you might want to consider investing in tapered insulation, which a roofing contractor can install for you. Here are two reasons why tapered insulation can prove to be a valuable asset to any flat roof in the future.

1. Tapered insulation creates a gradual slope.

Roofing systems with a built-in slope can harness the power of gravity to help expel water from their surfaces. A flat roof doesn't have the slope needed to slough water away naturally, which can mean water pools on the surface of the flat roof over time.

By opting to install a tapered insulation system when you upgrade your roof, you can create a gradual slope that will aid in efficient drainage. The overall appearance of your flat roof will not be noticeably altered, but enough of an incline will be added with the tapered insulation to allow water to easily run off the roof's surface and into your home's gutter system for proper disposal.

2. Tapered insulation can keep your membrane's warranty intact.

Roofing materials often come with manufacturer and contractor warranties that help provide financial protection for homeowners in the event of a material failure. It's important that you become familiar with the terms of these warranties, since pooling water could void the warranty for your roof's membrane.

A roofing membrane is not designed to retain its structural integrity in the face of constant water exposure. When water pools on your flat roof, this standing water can eat away at the membrane and lead to premature failure.

By choosing to install tapered insulation, you can ensure water drains more easily off the surface of your flat roof. This increased drainage will allow you to eliminate pooled water and keep your membrane's warranty intact for the future.

Caring for a flat roof can present some unique challenges By making the choice to have your roofing contractor install a tapered insulation system, you will be able to improve the efficiency and speed with which water drains off your roof. With the help of tapered insulation, pooling water will no longer plague your flat roof and compromise the performance warranties of your roofing materials.