Why Industrial Sandblasting Metal Is Important When Creating Metallic Artwork

People who are interested in painting on metal to create artwork need to understand why sandblasting it is an important first step. While it is possible to paint metal without sandblasting it, the process won't be as successful.

Painting On Metal Can Be Hard

A growing number of artists are turning to metal as a viable medium for painting. They can sculpt an odd or evocative piece with the metal and then paint it to create wild new colors. However, there are problems with painting on metal. First of all, galvanization is one of the most problematic concerns that affects just about all types of metal. Known as white rust, it can make painting on metal very hard.

Even worse, metal is notoriously difficult to paint because it often runs off of the metal as it is painted. Thankfully, industrial sandblasting is a great way to help prepare metal for painting and to protect it from more serious problems.

Sandblasting Is Perfect For Painted Metal

All the problems that make painting on metal so difficult can be solved by using industrial sandblasting processes. First of all, it will remove old paint and other imperfections that can make it hard to create gorgeous pieces of metal artwork. More importantly, it will remove contaminants on the surface of the paint and eliminate the galvanized surface of the product.

The latter process is known as profiling a piece of metal. Profiling helps to create a surface for the paint to adhere to on the metal. As a result, the metal is less likely to run off of the surface of the piece of art in a frustrating manner. That said, industrial sandblasting is also perfect for protecting metal sculptures from the biggest metal destroyer of all time: rust.

It Can Also Remove Serious Rust Problems

Another serious problem that makes painting metal difficult is rust. While some artists may try to use rust in a creative way, it can spread quickly across the surface of their artwork and ruin it. As a result, it is important to get rid of rust quickly and efficiently. Sandblasting is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal because it is so focused and tough against rust.

In fact, it is capable of eliminating all signs of rusting so efficiently that it won't appear again in the same spot for a long time. While it isn't a method for preventing the start of rust later on, it can be used to manage serious rust concerns as they occur and to manage the dangerous spread of it across pieces of incredible metal artwork. So don't hesitate to get your metal sandblasted before turning it into incredible art.