Tips For Undertaking A Basement Finishing Project

If you are wanting to transform your basement into a comfortable and usable area for your family to use, it will be necessary to have this part of the house finished. Before you start undertaking a basement finishing project, you might benefit from incorporating some strategies into your planning phase so that your finished basement becomes a perfect complement to the rest of your home. Keep reading for more info.

Decide On Your Purpose For The Basement

Finishing and renovating a basement can be a major investment in your house, and many people will have a fairly solid idea about the way that they will be using this new area. For example, individuals will often want their basements to serve as an additional bedroom, office space or workout area. During the earliest phases of the planning process, you should identify the way that your newly renovated basement will be used so that you can better decide on the design features and amenities that you will want to be added to this area of your home.

Consult The Local Building Codes And Requirements

Strict building codes and regulations can seem like a burden to homeowners, but these are in place to be sure that any buildings are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, these building codes can include aspects of building and renovation projects that you may not have suspected would be covered under these codes. Prior to starting to design your new basement, you should consult with these regulations so that you avoid making mistakes during this phase that could cause your home to fail a building inspection.

Address The Threat Of Water Damage

Water damage can be a major problem for many homes that are located in fairly low terrain. This is due to runoff pooling around the base of the home, which can lead to the basement flooding or allowing enough water to seep into the structure to cause substantial damages and mold growth. Having the basement waterproofed will require the sides of the basement to be coated with a sealant that will block water from being absorbed, and installing a sump pump can prevent water from backing up into the basement during heavy rains.

Install A Fire Safety System

Protecting your home from fire damage is essential for minimizing the risk of losing your house. However, many people will fail to extend their fire protection systems to their newly renovated basement. As a result, a fire starting in this part of the house can quickly spread throughout the rest of the house. At a minimum, you should install smoke detectors in the basement, but a fire sprinkler system will provide more comprehensive protection.