3 Questions To Ask Your Service Provider Before Getting Your Home Painted

Having the exterior of your home freshly painted is an excellent way to improve curb appeal, but getting the job done yourself can be stressful and costly. In addition to renting or buying the proper equipment, investing in the paint you'll need, and learning how to do the job, you'll face the risk of injury or ruining the overall paint job if you aren't experienced. Hiring a professional to paint your home can save you some headache, time, and even some money when all is said and done. Here are a few questions to ask your service provider before the paint job officially begins:

How Will the Property Be Protected?

If not done carefully, paint and debris can ruin your landscape during the painting process. Make sure you know exactly how your service provider plans to keep your property protected so that paint isn't found anywhere but on the house when the job is complete. While you should be able to expect a clean yard when all is said and done, accidents do happen so it's best to be prepared for the possibilities ahead of time.

Will pieces of plastic be laid down around the house? Is there a guarantee that your property won't be ruined during the paint process? Is landscaping offered if paint does ruin your gardens? The answers to these inquiries will give you some insight into what to expect and give you an opportunity to plan accordingly. If you don't feel that enough steps are being taken to protect your property, you can work with your service provider to fill in the gaps before your painting project begins.

Can the Color Be Matched Later?

You may decide to install new windows or trim at a later time and want to paint them the same color as your home. Or you might want to paint a fence and garden features so they match your house at some point in the future. It's a good idea to make sure that your service provider is able and willing to mix custom paint for you that matches your home if the need arises. Does they have the means to mix and match paint? What's the fee for such a service?

What if the colors needed to create a match are out of stock? These questions are especially important if you're having your home painted with a custom color in the first place. But even if you're using a color out of the can, that color choice may become discontinued by the time you need it again, so color matching services would be helpful.

Who Will Be Doing the Legwork?

It is essential to know exactly who will be working on your home before the paint project begins. Just because your painting contractor is licensed and insured doesn't mean that everyone on their staff is. Everyone who works on your home should be properly licensed with the county so you know they have the knowledge and experience needed for the job. They should also be insured so your property and finances are protected in case of an accident.

Ask your contractor to provide you with a list of employees who will be working on your home and their corresponding qualifications and license numbers if applicable. You can then check each one out and ensure that you're comfortable with their participation before your painting project gets started.

All of the questions outlined here can be answered during your the initial consultation you have with your painting contractor. Add your own personal questions to this list so that nothing small or large is overlooked and you don't end up facing any unwanted surprises. Check out sites like http://www.jmaintenanceco.com to learn more.