A Checklist For Successful Patio Installation


On the surface, patio installation may seem like an easy job. The truth is that if not done properly, the patio can end up being a mess and an eyesore in your backyard.

The base may expand during warm weather, causing the pavers to bulge out of place. This can cause people to trip. It can also sink and grow weeds.

The Base

The base is vital to successfully installing a patio. First consider the type of soil in your area. Does it drain well or does it retain water? This will determine how deep you will dig.

For well drained soils, dig up to a depth of 6″. Heavy soils that do not drain well will require a depth of 12″.

To prevent weeds from penetrating into your patio, you are advised to lay a landscape fabric between the ground surface and the patio base. The fabric will also prevent the pavers from sagging and stabilizes the ground under the pavers.

Another tip is to use sand instead of stone dust in preparing the base. Unlike stone dust, sand drains well. Flaws are also less noticeable with sand. To avoid sinking of the patio, ensure the base is thoroughly compacted.


The patio must gradually slope towards the edges to facilitate drainage. If you don't get this right, you will have pools of water collecting on your patio. For the same reason, choose a location that is slightly high rather than low.

Quality of Materials

Concrete pavers can fade over time, exposing the aggregate. To avoid fading, choose good quality pavers right from the start. Use granite or quartz aggregates. Clay bricks and stone pavers are also good options as they will not fade. You can also seal the pavers to protect them from the elements.

The quality of sand you use also matters. The wrong kind of sand can encourage the growth of weeds and infestation by ants. Polymeric sand will help to prevent this. Make sure you follow instructions to the letter.

Hire a Professional

Unless you are very sure what you are doing, consider hiring a home remodeling team. They'll know how to measure the right height and depth of the base, how to lay the pavers and how to create a slope.

It is essential to plan properly for your patio installation project. Your success depends on the quality of materials you choose and your level of skill. If you do not have the right skills for the job, you are better off hiring somebody who does. Contact a company, like Santoro Home Improvements / Building and Design / Development LLC, for more help.