MDF Vs. Hardwood Roofing

Natural looking wood roofing is always popular. It is well loved and can be used in both luxury and budget construction. Wood roofing can be used in modern home styles and also on properties with a more rustic look. Basically, it is a very adaptable and diverse product when you consider all of the style choices available. This article explains the most important differences between real hardwood and MDF roofing materials.


MDF stands for medium density fiber board. It is basically a composite product that is made out of wood fibers held together with glue and molded to shape, whether they are panels or shingles. This means that the texture and print on an MDF board are both going to be manufactured. Surprisingly, these finishes can still be very realistic and stylish.

There are also a few practical reasons to choose MDF instead of real hardwood. First of all, MDF is much lighter and more flexible than real hardwood. This make it much better for some properties with rounded roof decks and pitches. Since MDF is made out of composite products, it is usually cheaper as well.

Some people choose MDF because it is a sustainable, eco-friendly product. MDF fibers come from recycled wood, so the production has minimal impact on the environment.

Real Hardwood Roofs

Many people still prefer the natural style of real hardwood, even though it is more expensive. Real hardwood is definitely a more stylish choice if you are interested in a natural wood finish. However, if you just want a solid color, like white, then the difference between a hardwood and an MDF product are going to be hard to decipher.

Another big difference between the two products is that MDF boards cannot be easily refinished or changed. You are pretty much stuck with the texture and finish that you installed. However, with real hardwood, the finish can be changed in many ways. You can paint it, stain it, and change the color however you see fit. Ultimately, even though hardwood is more expensive, it offers you more flexibility and style.

It is easy to see why so many people still love to have hardwood roofing on their home. On the other hand, it makes sense that many people prefer the price and practicality of MDF. If you are going to replace your roof with wood, both MDF and real hardwood can be great choices.

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