3 Tips For Incorporating Masonry Into Your New Home

Stone is one of the oldest construction materials available. People have been using stone in the construction of their homes and businesses for a number of years. Skilled masons are able to produce magnificent features for modern homeowners using natural stone products.

The construction of a custom home is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase masonry in the design of your residence.

1. Add stone to your home's exterior.

The popularity of stone can be contributed, in part, to the unique aesthetic this material offers. You can incorporate stone into the design of your home's exterior by pairing natural stone with siding materials to create a rustic look.

Stone veneers can be applied over the structural frame of a home without requiring special bracing. Since veneers weigh less than full stone, they are a great option for exterior use. A skilled mason can create a one-of-a-kind look for your home's exterior by using stone veneers.

2. Invest in a stone fireplace.

Modern homes often feature fireplaces prominently in their design. If your custom home will have one or more fireplaces, you should consider the benefits of a natural stone surround.

Stone can help your fireplace project a more warm and cozy atmosphere. The durability and natural beauty of stone can also add to the future value of your home. An experienced mason will be able to customize the look of your fireplace surround by carving and installing natural stone.

3. Incorporate stone in the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the last places you might expect to find natural stone. The truth of the matter is, stone can enhance the aesthetic and function of your kitchen in many ways. Modern homeowners are turning more and more to stone countertops and backsplashes.

These stone features can bring a more natural and rustic feel to your kitchen. Stone is also easy to maintain and makes a wonderful work surface for preparing meals. Consider the addition of stone in your custom home's kitchen to bring a bit of the natural environment indoors.

You need to be able to view stone through a different lens if you want to harness the beauty this natural material can provide. Incorporating stone into your home's design can be a great way to bolster the rustic feel you are looking for. Talk to an experienced mason for more information on unique ways to include stone in the construction of your home.