How Boundary Surveying Can Help You When You Are Buying A Dream House

One of the best days of your life as a parent or spouse is when you finally buy a house. This is something that you might have dreamed about for years. But since buying a home is an emotional purchase, it can lead to mistakes. If you aren't careful, you will overlook things like utility placements and boundary lines. Getting a boundary survey lets you get the details out of the way so you can get back to dreaming with your family.

1. Talk to a boundary surveying company so they can show you kind of work they will do

Finding a boundary survey company puts you a couple steps closer to buying the home. To feel comfortable about the work, you should ask them how they will do the survey and what it will prove. Most surveyors look at things like boundary lines, elevation, flood zones, street rights of way, and more. Being sure about property lines alone can be a big deal. Lots of homeowners and neighbors have taken each other to court over these issues. You can't put up a fence or make an improvement if you aren't sure about where your property lines stand.

2. Get ready for the day of the boundary survey

Since you do not yet own the property, speak to the real estate agent or seller to set up a time to have a boundary survey. You will need to gain access to the land and this comes by first asking permission. If the seller or real estate agent seems to be blocking you from getting your own independent land survey, it can definitely be a reason to look elsewhere. No seller should have a problem with you doing your research before making such a vast commitment. 

It should only take about a day to get a land survey. It also doesn't cost that much money, so get it out of the way so that you can go back to dreaming about things like paint colors, curtains, and raising your kids in this house. 

3. Use this information to help you when it is closing time

A land survey is a huge relief and can help you buy a house. When you have the documentation of the boundaries, it puts you one step closer to addressing the closing. If there are problems with the boundary survey, see if you can have the seller fix it, or negotiate the price because of it.

These three tips help you with boundary surveying.