Out With The Wood, In With The Vinyl — Replacing Your Decking With A Better Option

When you own a home, it's never too early to begin planning for the renovations and repairs that you'll hope to get done this spring.  If you're tired of spending the first week of spring pressure washing, sealing, and repairing your deck, it's time to put a deck replacement on the to-do list for next year. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you choose new decking and reducing the work it takes to keep it looking great.

Look Into Vinyl Decking

If your deck gets so dirty or turns so green that you have no choice but to clean it more than once each year, it's probably best to steer clear of the real-wood decking materials. Instead of wood, vinyl decking can be used to finish the deck.

Vinyl decking is a much better option for many reasons, but if you live in a damp, shady area, it's the absolute best option for you. You see, the vinyl will not allow moss and algae to grow, it will not hold dirt like natural wood does, and it will not get eaten by insects. Instead of spending hours or days scrubbing the grime off of the surface so that you can seal it, you'll just need to give it a gentle cleaning and you'll be good to go for the season.

Trim Back Trees

A lot of issues that people have with decks is caused by the trees that are overhanging the area. Not only does the tree block the sun and prevent it from drying the moisture from within the materials, but all of the debris that falls from the trees, the bird droppings as they nest in the trees, and the insects that they attract can all be quite messy and difficult to keep up with. Trim back the trees so that they don't hang over the deck and you'll reduce the time you spend cleaning the deck each year.

Hire Professionals to Install the Deck

Another mistake that a lot of homeowners make is attempting to install a deck on their own. Decks can be very dangerous if you're not sure about supports, or the type of hardware to use. You could make a very costly mistake. Hire professionals to do the installation work. Not only will it be safer, but it will be faster and there's less of a chance of the deck failing prematurely.

Talk with the vinyl decking professionals near you. They'll help you choose the best product and work with you to find a plan that works with your budget and your needs.