Do-It-Yourself Ideas For Attractive Home Recycling Systems

Trash and recycling containers can be messy and unattractive. In fact, the mess and hassle of recycling, or the presence of an ugly recycling bin can deter individuals from recycling items that could be reused and conserve the planet's natural resources. Recycling doesn't have to be an ugly endeavor; there are several ways that consumers can create a beautiful recycling container setup in the kitchen or garage of a home. This will allow for the recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard, metals and other materials, without a huge mess or ugly pile of items detracting from the beauty and functionality of a home. [Read More]

How To Minimize The Risk Of A Security Breach In Your Business

In today's wild world of digital information, protecting your company from a security breach is paramount. Protecting your company's and data is vital to remain in business. Protecting your customer's personal information is also important to you remaining in business and maintaining a profitable reputation. Follow these tips for making sure your business never becomes the victim of a security breach that could ultimately cause you to close your doors for good. [Read More]

Why Geodesic Domes May Be The Future Of Sustainable Housing

Although they have been patented since 1954, geodesic domes have mostly remained a niche form of architecture, relegated to greenhouses, eco-conscious communities and dazzling public works like the UK's Eden Project. But as the traditional, rectangular home struggles to keep up with modern design and energy demands, this unconventional structure is worth a second look. These five advantages of geodesic homes show why they may soon experience a resurgence in popularity. [Read More]

Feeling Salty About Your Water Softener? Improve Its Performance With One Of These 3 Salt Types!

Anyone who has a water softener needs to know at least a little bit about water softening salts. These salts remove the potentially damaging ingredients (things like magnesium and calcium) from the water and leave behind water that is safe to drink, cook with, and bathe in. While most people know that salt is necessary for water softening, they may not know much about the different salt options. Read on to learn about three types of salt for your water softener. [Read More]